Magic: Changing Things Up…

It’s 35 Degree (Celsius) outside and I am having a mug of mead (finishing off the bottle) with a bit on my mind.  Anyway…

Since late last year I’ve been getting into proper Magic: The Gathering (first set – Magic Origins) and actually enjoy it.  I’ve been to a few Friday Night Magic sessions down at my local Good Games and I’ve learned a fair bit (from straight losses), but I am at that point where playing “Standard” has become financially exhausting in order to keep up.  However, rather than simple cash in my amassed collection I figured I’d take to playing the EDH (Elder Dragon Highlander) / Commander format of the game.  From what I’ve seen and experienced of Magic, I highly enjoy that solid mix of a thrilling challenge with good company too much to give up my newfound hobby.

So right now, I’m focusing Commander decks instead of regular ones and hopefully get into a game sometime.

Until then, I will be hitting the occasional FNM Draft matches in the meantime.


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