Why Pay?

For those of you all too familiar with MMORPGs and having to pay a regular subscription to play them, you would also know that feeling known as “Subscription Fatigue”. Thanks to Microsoft and Sony, anyone who owns one their current generation computer entertainment systems (eg XBOX One or PlayStation 4) are required to pay a regular subscription in order to play online multiplayer. I can understand the discerning gamer having subscription fatigue relating to console multiplayer, as I myself have reached that point.
Initially, I bought into XBOX 360’s multiplayer scene just to see what it was all about. As for PSN Plus – Given how Sony introduced Plus, offering a VIP program with game rental (“Free” games) and members’ perks (eg discounts, exclusive opportunities, etc.) before it was mandatory for multiplayer on the PS4. I will admit that I quite liked what Sony were offering and thought it very clever of them to entice customers into wanting before they made it a necessity for multiplayer. With the recent hacks along with semi-frequent network outages, I have reached that point where I am questioning the value of actually having to pay for something I get freely on PC and Nintendo systems.

For around $70 (AUD) a year, I can get a bulk deal on my CES subscription service from both Sony and Microsoft. And yet, the only thing I have on PC of that nature is paying for a Minecraft Realm which is easier than paying for third-party server hosting.

Let’s face it, you can do damage-control for PlayStation and XBOX all you like. But it won’t change the fact, that PC users have never had to pay for multiplayer outside of MMOs or renting dedicated servers. You may very well look down on Nintendo, but with their current generation CES lineup (3DS & Wii U) you don’t pay a thing to play online multiplayer.
What I find funny, is that “Console” users refer to PCs as – The “PC Master Race”. As a PC user, we are anything but. If you look at the “Homebrew” roots of the PC, the abundance of choice and the fact we don’t pay for multiplayer like owners of a major CES would, PC is “The Underground” when you take all that into account.

I think I will slowly back away from renewing my subscriptions from here on out…
When that day comes you can either catch me on the PC or my 3DS and Vita if you’re looking for a game.


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