Minecraft Let’s Play Series Anyone?

How’s this for ideas…

I’m thinking, maybe starting a Minecraft play session series on YouTube.  I know I’m a little late to that party by jumping on that bandwagon – But what if I focused on spreading an entire “Hardcore” game across a season?
For those who know Minecraft on the PC, you can not only choose to play Creative and Survival, but you also have the Hardcore mode.  Hardcore plays like Survival, but when your character die your game ends and the world you built is deleted, pretty much what old-school gamer’s know to be “Ironman Mode” (one game save that automatic self-deletes if you “fail”).
So I if I go ahead with this, I will be playing from a completely random generated world (no seed codes) for an entire season.  Because of YouTube constraints I would like to keep episodes around the ten minute mark, even though the limit about fifteen.  Would Minecraft Hardcore mode play sessions for regular YouTube content work?

Anyway, let me know what you think.


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