Minecraft just got competitive…

I believe an interesting point was raised with regard to a competitive multiplayer format for Minecraft. One of the most popular mods that offered such an experience, is the “Hunger Games” (inspired and named after the popular dystopian action thriller novel and movie franchise) which receive similar treatment to the Magic: The Gathering community format, EDH / Commander. Magic’s Commander format started off as community development game using MtG and was eventually recognised by the game’s creators by printing official Commander decks. In a similar fashion, the Hunger Games has more or less been recognised by Mojang and 4J with the introduction of Battle as the first available mode for (Console Edition’s) Minigame suite along with a map pack made exclusively for this new mode.
So does this mean the Minigame suite is going to serve as the officially recognised competitive multiplayer formats for Minecraft across all console (XBOX 360, PlayStation 3, XBOX One, PlayStation 4, Vita and Wii U) editions?

It’s a very real possibility!

Anyway, if you’re hungry for Battle I will be playing my fair share on XBOX One, PlayStation, Vita and Wii U.


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