Beat Hazard

Developer: Cold Beam Games
Publisher: Cold Beam Games
Release: 2010
Platform: XBOX 360 / STEAM
Genre: Arcade
OFLC Classification: N/A

If there’s any game that compares to the addictive nature of Super Stardust HD and SS:Portable, it’s Beat Hazard!
Beat Hazard combines Asteroids, Truxton and a little bit of SS:HD capped off with a highly music driven experience. How does a game that looks a lot like Asteroids on speed and music work together???
Music is your weapon! The game reads the rhythm and beats of the track, then translates that into audioscope visualization that becomes your weapon so to speak. Now the with tracks… The harder and faster the rhythms / beats the more powerful your blast becomes. With that said a track that is consistent would be highly advisable as a lull in the music at the wrong time could be worse than reloading right in the middle of a firefight whilst playing CS. The music doesn’t just act as a weapon, the game changes with the music you play giving an experience for each song you play. Example of this… Rebel Yell by Billy Idol will throw FOUR bosses at you!
Put all this together and you get a pyrotechnics show like no other!
The game offers four difficulty settings and two game modes.
Normal one song is one level. Survival Mode plays an entire folder of music until you’re wiped out.
If you were addicted to SS:HD on the PS3 and you own a PC or XBox360, Beat Hazard give you similar gameplay and fuses it together to give you an awesome music driven experience!

Report Card

Quality: A
Gameplay: A
Content: A
Skill: A
Technical: A
Value: A
Audience: Family