Saints Row

Developer: Volition Inc.
Publisher: THQ
Release: 2006
Platform: XBox 360
Genre: Action
OFLC Rating: MA

Reviewer: Wolfy

The Saints Row series is very much a story driven, especially the original game. What the original game (primarily) has over it’s current sequel, is that the story in my opinion goes is much deeper and tells more of the story behind the 3rd Street Saints. Along with having more interesting activities to earn respect with such as burglaries, beyond that Saints Row 2 is the superior game of the series as it is easier to gain respect with “Tony Hawk” style trick monitoring. If you loved games like Wing Commander with a rich story and also like the idea of fusing GTA with an interactive movie, then that’s pretty much all you will get out of the original game. Aside from the rich story Saints Row offers only Automobiles to get around in and a challenging difficulty setting (equivalent to SR2 on Normal).
The story in a nutshell is that the 3rd Street Saints formed initially as “Vigilante-Type” gang to clean up the streets of Stillwater (principal setting for Saints Row 1 & 2), but along the way they become corrupted like their competition. The story’s overall theme borrows from Boyz N The Hood and adds Shakespeare to the mix making Saints Row a very interesting game to play. Unfortunately for Non-XBox gamers this game is only available for the XBox 360. If you’re looking to get XBox 360 just to check out Saints Row like I did… Don’t (if you like racing simulation games then Forza Motorsport 3 is the exception in this case). Unless you want to get to know the story and characters in full intimate detail, you’re not missing much if you just play Saints Row 2 as the story explains in loose detail throughout the game.


Report Card

Quality: B
Gameplay: B
Content: A
Skill: C
Technical: B
Value: A
Audience: Adult